Posted on January 19, 2012 in Campaign Statements

"And if you want to be an American, the first thing you should do is respect our laws and obey our laws. And the idea that someone, whether it's either of these two gentlemen, whether the idea that someone who came here and lived here 25 years has only broken one law, if they've worked for 25 years they've been breaking the law for 25 years. If they've been working they have probably stolen someone's Social Security number and they've committed Social Security fraud. This is not just a single occurrence. It's an ongoing issue. And if we treat people like that differently than we do with a mother who out of a desperate situation goes out and shoplifts or does something and gets thrown in jail, what are we saying -- that we're going to treat people in this country who do things for their family differently than those who are here illegally? I don't think so."


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