GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee gets a lot of things wrong. And, quite frankly we, and hopefully American voters, are getting tired of his bigoted remarks. Some of his comments in recent weeks should have foreign policy-informed voters scratching their heads. Huckabee appears to see everything in the most apocalyptic terms possible. His grasp of world politics and reality is tenuous at best and his understanding of U.S. policy seems to be even worse. Earlier this month Huckabee traveled to Israel to peddle his special brand of ignorance, and fundraise for his campaign at an Israeli settlement in the Palestinian West Bank. The American Presidential candidate addressed a group of Israelis and said that people "should visit all of Israel, and that would include Judea and Samaria." His embrace of Israeli settlements runs contrary to U.S. policy, which continues to consider Israeli settlement expansion illegitimate. Before Huckabee starts jetting off to peddle his message abroad perhaps he could start by understanding the policies of the country he is campaigning to lead.