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Appearing on Viewpoint with James Zogby yesterday, Dr. HananAshrawi offered the perspective of Palestinians on the Israeli blockadeof Gaza stating unequivocally, “It’s a cruel, illegal, immoral war crime.” Declaring the Israeli changes to the blockade as a “verbal exercise,” Ashrawi noted that Palestinians living under the brutal siegehave yet to see any real changes. “The Palestinians judge things by what happens on the ground and they see no progress whatsoever,” she added.

On the issue of U.S. aid to the Palestinians, Ashrawi clarified an important point on the level of support Washington is committing. Noting that the $400 million the Obama Administration announced recentlyis not additional aid but rather part of the $900 million pledged last year, Ashrawi offered a different perspective than that held here in theU.S. by analysts and policy makers alike.

Lastly, Ashrawi acknowledged the difficulty they continue to encounter in national reconciliation talks with Hamas but believes that ultimately the interests of the people of Gaza will prevail over those of Hamas or Fatah. Challenges aside, she affirmed the critical need to make progress for a variety of reasons including, the need to allow for the re-implementation of the access and movement agreement which would open Gaza’s crossings and fully expects the European Union to honor the agreement & work with the Palestinians once progress is indeed made.


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