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By Haneen Sakakini

Go Palestine Summer Camp













Are you a member of a Palestinian family living in the Diaspora (US,UK,Chile,Canada,Australia,etc.)? Do you have a teenager who will be entering 9th, 10th, or 11th grade this fall? If so, please consider sending her or him to our Go Palestine Summer Camp this July 2012!

Go Palestine will be hosted by the Ramallah Friends School, an institution founded over a century ago by American Quakers in Palestine. Each of our Diaspora campers will be matched with a student from the Ramallah Friends School who will host the students at their homes.

Go Palestine will include a multi-faceted program: community service rebuilding Palestinian homes, working in refugee camps, olive tree planting, arts/music/dance (focused on Palestinian culture such as debkeh), speaker series, film series, Arabic lessons, field trips around the country, and much more!

Camp starts on July 1st and ends on July 21st. We are open to making a few exceptions for non-Palestinian campers who feel a connection to the region and who would enhance the overall experience and, in turn, be enriched by it as well.

Please apply soon as we have limited spots and will be accepting campers on a rolling basis!

For more information, please visit our website or email us.

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