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Today is the special election to fill the vacancy left by Senator John Kerry and it is essential that you take the time to vote. Polling locations opened at 7:00am and will remain open until 8:00pm tonight (please note that polling places tend to be less busy mid-morning and mid-afternoon).

Don't know where to vote? Click here to find your polling location.

For a list of the three candidates on the ballot, click here.

If you have questions about registration, forms, or polling locations, you can contact the Massachusetts Division of Elections and Voting toll free at 1-800-462-VOTE (8683), or via email at

It is too late to participate in today's election if you are not registered to vote, but there is still time to register for the next election. Click here to fill out a voter registration form (or update your address and party information) so you'll be ready to vote on June 25th.

Make your voice heard and Yalla Vote!

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