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Let Palestine Live!A few weeks ago, Israel's attack on a Turkish flotilla heading to Gaza marked a turning point in international opinion about the Gaza Blockade. Since then, the Obama Administration has called on Israel to take steps to ease the blockade. We believe that Israel's policy is impossible to defend, and instead of just easing the blockade, it should be ended. When you hear directly from Gazans how it is affecting them and their families, you will understand why we feel so strongly about this. That is why we collected these stories from Gaza.

Hear from the successful farmer who simply wants a fair market price for his mouthwatering strawberries or the doctor who wants to be able to provide the proper medical care his patients need. Or listen to Ghada, a young girl who just wants a toy, a bed, maybe a working computer and the ability to travel one day.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is counterproductive, immoral and illegal. Our government’s position on this flawed and tragic policy must change. Please share these stories with your friends who are sympathetic, but even more importantly, share them with friends who may not be familiar with what Gazans are living with day to day. We need to keep the focus of U.S. policy makers and the American people on Gaza–and we need your help to do it.



An Inhumane Blockade


The Gaza Blockade: Health in Crisis


People Trapped, Economy Strangled

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