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The following Arab Americans are among those who have held elected or appointed office in selected categories

Former Government Officials

Senior Administration Officials

E. Spencer Abraham, U.S. Senator, Michigan (1994-2000)
Mitchell E. Daniels, Director, Office of Management and Budget (2001-2004); Jr. Asst. to the President, Political and Intergovernmental Affairs (1985-1987)
Judith Rainey Baroody, Director of Strategic Planning and External Affairs, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Department of State
George Doumani, Director of Technology Policy, Department of Energy, George Bush Administration
Zead A. Haddad, Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Energy (2001-2008)
Walid Maalouf, Director of Public Diplomacy, Middle Eastern and Middle East Partnership Initiative, USAID (2004-2008)
Majida Murad, Senior Advisor to the Secretary, Department of Energy
Thomas Nassif, U.S. Ambassador (1985-1988)
Selwa Roosevelt, Chief of Protocol (1982-1989)
George R. Salem, U.S. Solicitor of Labor (1985-1989), U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
Daniel S. Seikaly, Associate Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice
Greg Simon, Director of Domestic Policy, Office of Vice President Gore
John H. Sununu, White House Chief of Staff (1989-1991)
Dr. Elias Zerhouni, Director, U.S. National Institute of Health (2002 - 2008)

U.S. Ambassadors

Edward Gabriel, U.S. Ambassador to Morocco
Joseph Ghougassian, U.S. Ambassador to Qatar, Advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq
Theodore Kattouf, U.S. Ambassador
Marcelle Wahba, U.S. Ambassador to UAE
Sam H. Zakhem, U.S. Ambassador (1986-1989)

U.S. Congress

James Abdnor, U.S. Senator, South Dakota (1981-1986) (deceased)
James G. Abourezk, U.S. Senator, South Dakota (1971-1979)
E. Spencer Abraham, U.S. Senator, Michigan (1994-2000)
John Baldacci, U.S. Representative, Maine
Pat Danner, U.S. Representative, Missouri (1984-2000)
Christopher C. John, U.S. Representative, Louisiana (1996-2004)
George A. Kasem, U.S. Representative, California (1959-1961)
Abraham Kazen, U.S. Representative, Texas (1967-1985)
Ray LaHood, U.S. Representative, Illinois (1995-2008)
George Mitchell, U.S. Senate Majority Leader (1980-1995)
Toby Moffett, U.S. Representative, Connecticut (1975-1982)
Mary Rose Oakar, U.S. Representative, Ohio (1977-1993)
John E. Sununu, U.S. Representative, New Hampshire (1996-2002); U.S. Senator, New Hampshire (2003-2008)

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Administration & Congressional Staff

Samir Abu Ghazaleh, National Cancer Advisory Board (2000-2007)
Luis Acle, White House Office of Public Liaison (1985-1986)
Alex M. Azar II, Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services, US Department of Health and Human Services (2005-2007)
Michael Baroody, Assistant Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Labor (1985-1988)
William J. Baroody, Jr., Asst. to the President, Office of Public Liaison (1973-1977)

Michael Bouchard, Assistant Director/Field Operations, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Lori Sharpe Day, Director & Advisor to the Attorney General, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Department of Justice
Michele Forzley, Office of International and Refugee Health, Department of Health and Human Services
Edmond Haddad, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy (1987-1988)

Robert Joseph, Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security, Department of State (2005-2007)

Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation

Sam LaHood, Special Assistant, Office of International Affairs, Department of Energy
Terry Abdoo King, Press Secretary-U.S. Mint, Bush Administration
Kelly Sharbel, Principal Deputy Assistnat Secretry of Defense; Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs, Department of Defense
Dina Habib Powell, Assistant Secretary, Educational and Cultural Affairs, Department of State (2005-2007)
Ali Tulbah, Cabinet Affairs, White House
Raouf Youssef, Egypt Desk Officer, USAID
Sarah Youssef, Associate Director, Domestic Policy Council, Office of the Vice President

Boards & Commissions

Eva Teig Hardy, Southern States Energy Board (2000-2005)
Randa Fahmy Hudome, Board Member, U.S. Secretary of Energy Advisory Board
Naomi Shihab Nye, National Council on the Humanities (2002- 2007)

James Telb, Board Member, Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, Ohio

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Former State Officials (Elected)

Chris Abboud, State Senator, Nebraska

Gene Abdallah, State Senator, South Dakota

Robert Aber, State Representative, Pennsylvania

Paula Aboud, State Senator, Arizona

Stephen Abraham, Register of the Probate, Worcester County Probate 
John, Akouri, Council Member, City Council of Farmington Hills, Michigan

Ali Baleed Almaklani, President and co-founder of the Yemen American Benevolent Association

Suehaila Amen, Precinct Delegate, Democratic Party of Wayne County / 14th District 

William N. Aswad, State Representative, Chittenden 3-1 District, Virginia 
Victor Atiyeh, Governor, Oregon (1979-1987), State Senator, Oregon (1965-1978), State Representative, Oregon (1959-1964)

Dr. Mahmoud Aqeal: Member of the Board of Managers of Preakness Hospital, Passaic County
Anthony Azar, State Senator, Rhode Island

Steven Baddour, State Senator, Massachusetts
Clem Balanoff, State Representative, Illinois, 32nd District (1989-1995)
Mariam Balanoff, State Representative, Illinois, 30th District (1979-1983)

John Elias Baldacci, Governor, Maine

David Constantine, Governor's Councilor, Massachusetts
John Douglas Barr II, State Representative and Deputy Majority Leader, Rhode Island
Elias Bo Ackal, State Representative, Louisiana
John Broujos, State Representative, Pennsylvania
David Cappiello, State Senator, Connecticut (1998-2008)
George Crady, State Representative, Florida
Wadie P. Deddeh, State Senator, California
Timothy Deratany, State Senator, Florida

John N. Ellem, House of Delegates (10th District), West Virginia 
Joe Elias, Member, Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Commission

Barbara A. Farrah, State Representative, Michigan (2003-2008)
David Farhat, State Representative, Michigan (2003-2006)
Debbie Farhat, State Representative, Michigan (1987-88)

Ted Haik, Jr., State Representative, Louisiana
Jack Hanna, Chair, Southwest Caucus of Pennsylvania State Committee of the Democratic Party; Treasurer of PA Democratic Party
William A. Hamzy, State Representative, Connecticut
Matt Heinz, State Representative, Arizona
Charles A. Howell III, Member, Tennessee General Assembly/House of Representatives (1969-70)

Daniel J. Issa, State Senator, Rhode Island (-2008)
Alex Isaac, Member of the Executive Board, Genesee County Democratic Party; Precinct Delegate, Genesee County / 5th District
Paul Jabour, State Senator, Rhode Island
Morphis A. Jamiel, State Senator, Rhode Island; State Representative, Rhode Island
Michael Jarjura, State Representative (74th District), Connecticut
Ruth Joseph, State Representative, Maine
Nilo Juri, State Representative, Florida
Stephen Kafoury, State Senator, Oregon
David Karem, State Senator, Kentucky

Jonathan Khoury, Precinct Delegate, Democratic Party of Macomb County / 12th District
George Kilsey, State Representative, Rhode Island
Fred Koory, Governor, State Senator, State Representative, Arizona

Joseph Kyrillos, State Senator, New Jersey
Maureen (Hallal) Maigret, State Representative, Rhode Island; State Director of Elderly Affairs

Allan Mansoor, Assemblyman, California State Assembly (74th District)

Marianne Yared McGuire, Treasurer, Michigan State Board of Education
Harry Meshel, State Senator, Ohio
John M. Michael, State Representative, Maine
Ollie Mohamed, Sr., State Senator, Mississippi
Norman Murdock, State Representative, Ohio

Jana Musleh, Precinct Delegate, Democratic Party of Wayne County / 11th District

Florence NasserMember Genesee County Democratic Party Executive Board

John D. Nickola, Precinct Delegate, Genesee County / 5th District Chair, Arab American Democratic Party Caucus for the Executive Committee
Joseph Palaia, NJ State Senator (11th District)
George Noujaim, Waterbury, CT Board of Aldermen, 4th Ward (2011-2013)

Nick J. Rahall II, U.S. Representative (3rd District), West Virginia 
Scott Rumana, Member of New Jersey General Assembly (2008- )
Edward Saleeby, Sr., State Senator, South Carolina (1972-2002) deceased
Eugene Saloom, State Representative, Pennsylvania
George P. Shadid, Illinois State Senator, 46th District
Jeanne Shaheen, Governor, New Hampshire
Robert Sheheen, State Representative, South Carolina
Vincent Sheheen, State Representative, South Carolina

Michael Soloman, President, Providence City Council
John H. Sununu, Governor, New Hampshire (1983-1989)
James J. Tayoun, Sr., State Representative, Pennsylvania
E. J. Thomas, Jr., State Representative (27th District)
Jeffrey W. Thomas, City Council, New Kensington
Chris Wakim
, House of Delegates, West Virginia ( 2003- 2007)
Tracey A. Yokich, State Representative, Michigan
Sam Zakhem, State Senator, Colorado
George Zainyeh, State Representative, Rhode Island

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Former State Officials (Appointed)

Ruth Abboud, Legislative Representative, Ohio State School Board

Charles G. Abdelnour, San Diego City Clerk
Mary J. Abu-Ghazaleh, Precinct Officer, Democratic Party, South Dakota

Terry Ahwal, Michigan Advisory Council on Chaldean and Arab American Affairs
Michael Akrouche, Director, Department of Liquor Control, Ohio
Salam Al-Marayati, Commissioner, Los Angles Human Relations Commission

Bilal Ayyub, Governor’s Commission on Middle Eastern Americans Affairs, Maryland

Milan T. Azar, Legal Counsel, State House Labor Committee, Rhode Island

John Bader, Regional Vice-Chair, California Congress of Republicans (San Francisco Bay Area)

George Bayoud, Secretary of State, Texas
Fred Buderi, Member, Peace and Justice Advisory Commission, California

Jo Ann Hajjar Byrnes, Morris County Democratic Party Committeewoman

Hassen A. Cara, Chamber of Commerce International Committee, Oklahoma

Hany G. Choulagh, Michigan Advisory Council on Chaldean and Arab American Affairs

Jamal Dajani, Commissioner, California Immigrant Rights Commission

Peter G. Decker, Jr., Virginia Board of Corrections

Dennis Denno, Communications Director, Michigan Democratic Party & Michigan House Democrats

Troy A. Eid, U.S. Attorney, Colorado

Kaleel M. Ellis, Vigo County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Michael T. Ellis, Vigo County Chief Adult Probation Officer

Mike Farrah, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, City and County of San Francisco

Nancy Shehata Fitterer,Chief of Staff of State Senator Jennifer Beck (R-12) and Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon (R-12)

Omar Ganoom, Deputy State Treasurer, Ohio

Diedra A. Garcia, State Personnel Board, Colorado

Abdel Razzaq Ghalayani, Special Assistant for Ethnic Affairs, Office of Representative Robert Brady

John Abi-Habib, Committee Chair, Lebanese Heritage Community Committee  

Frederick T. Hadeed, Commonwealth Health Research Board 
Ted Halaby, Colorado Republican Party Chairman

Eva Teig Hardy, Board Member, Avalere Health Board of Directors

Karen Henry, Michigan Advisory Council on Chaldean and Arab American Affairs

Pamela Howar, Vice Chair, District of Columbia Republican Committee

Randa Fahmy Hudome, Chairperson, Maryland Commission for Women

Richard Ieyoub, Louisiana Attorney General

Constance Koury, Louisiana Economic Development Corps

George Lazieh, Special Assistant Attorney General, Rhode Island
Samuel Lazieh, Chief of Staff, State Treasurer’s Office, Rhode Island

Rafat Mahmood, Virginia Asian Advisory Board

James Maloof, Human Rights Commission of Illinois

Martin F. Manna, Michigan Advisory Council on Chaldean and Arab American Affairs

Asaad Masri, Medical Foundation, University of Virginia
Maureen Massiwer, Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office, Rhode Island
Stephen Sami Mashney, Secretary, Marin County Democratic Central Committee

Anisa Mehdi, New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority

Abe Munfakh, Chairman of the board of the Arab American and Chaldean Council; member of the Plymouth, MI Foundation Board

Gus Murad, Commissioner, Small Business Commission, City and County of San Francisco

Bassima Mustafa, New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund Board of Directors

Ross Nammar, San Jacinto City Manager, California

David-Imad Ramadan, Board of Visitors, George Mason University 

Juliet Ristom, Associate Member, State Republican Party, California

Houeida Saad, Deputy General Counsel for Inoval Health Systems  
Thomas J. Saadi, Asst Attorney General, Connecticut; First Lieutenant, JAG Corp, U.S. Army Reserves; City Councilman
Abdel Salem, City Manager, City of El Centro, California

Donna E. Shalala, President, University of Miami

Fatima Shama, Commissioner of The Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

Saba Shami, Chief Deputy of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, Virginia

Basel K. Shatara, Michigan Advisory Council on Chaldean and Arab American Affairs
Richard P.F. Shibley, Deputy Secretary of State, Massachusetts
Saffiya Shillo, Director of Ethnic Affairs, Office of the Lt. Governor, Illinois
Joseph J. Skaff, West Virginia Secretary for Public Safety
Anthony Solomon, State Treasurer, Rhode Island
Robert Stephan, Attorney General, Kansas

James Stokes, State Director of Appointments, Office of Governor Granholm, Michigan

E. Najla Tanous, USSBA District Counsel, Houston Office


Bobby Abrusley, Oakdale, Louisiana

Richard Anter, City of Fairview Park, Ohio
John J. Ash, Jr., Olean, New York
Adeeb E. Bassitt, St. Albans, West Virginia
Fred Daboul, Mayor Pro-Tem St. Albans, Michigan
Michael Damas, Toledo, Ohio
Alex Daoud, Miami Beach, Florida

Samer Elbassiouny, Washington Township, New Jersey
Brenda J. Elias, Franklin, New Hampshire
Joseph El-Kateeb, Farmington, Michigan
Joseph P. Ganim, Mayor, Bridgeport
Albert Habhab, Fort Dodge, Iowa
Tommy Hazouri, Jacksonville, Florida
Robert Isaac, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Samuel T. Isaac, Cumberland, Kentucky
Teresa Ann Isaac, Lexington, Kentucky
Paul Jabour, Providence, Rhode Island

Michael Jarjura, Waterbury, Connecticut
Ruth Joseph, Waterville, Maine
Thomas Lazieh, Central Falls, Rhode Island
James Maloof, Peoria, Illinois
Abraham Malooley, Commissioner, Terre Haute Redevelopment Commission, Indiana
Joe Michael, Homer, Lousiana
George Milhim, Hempstead, New York
Herb Mocol, Mankato, Minnesota
Mary C. Moran, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Eugene F. Moses, Azusa, California
George Mowad, Oakdale, Louisiana
Tim Nader, Chula Vista, California
Lee Namey, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Alfred Saliba, Dothan, Alabama

Joan Haddad Saliba, Hartwell, Georgia

Ziad Andrew Shehady, Springfield, New Jersey 

Randel Coy Shadid, Edmond, Oklahoma
Donna Fekay Smith, Pamona, California

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Charles A. Abdella, First Justice, East Brookfield District Court (Massachusetts)
Caram Abood, Judge, 47th Judicial District, Pennsylvania
Charles D. Abood, Judge, Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals
Philip T. Abraham, Circuit Court Judge, Oregon
Lawrence Ackels, Jr., Judge, Texas
Fred Anthony, Judge of Probate, Shelton

George N. Asack, Probate Trial Court Judge, Massachusetts

George Assad, Judge, Nevada
Louis E. Azar, Probate Judge, City of Central Falls

Gloria Bahakel, Judge, Alabama
Miriam D. Balanoff, Circuit Court Judge, Illinois
Robert Balanoff, City Court Judge, Cook County, Illinois
James Barakatt, Judge, California
Rosemary Barkett, Chief Justice, Florida Supreme Court
David Baroody, Judge, South Carolina
John Baroody, Judge, New York
Richard Berry, Superior Court Judge, Iowa

Richard G. Berry, Judge, California

George L. Betro, Court Chief Judge, Utica City, New York

Bruce Coury, Magistrate, City of Brook Park, Ohio
Peter Michael Curry, Senior District Judge, Texas
Peter C. Deddeh, Superior Court Judge, San Diego, California
George Ellis, Senior Judge, Harris County, Texas
John E. Ellis, Circuit Court Judge, Mississippi
James Gabriel, Chief Judge of the Bankruptcy Court, Massachusetts

Doughlas George, Judge, Kentucky

Albert Habhab, Senior Judge, Iowa Court of Appeals
Peter Haddad, County Court Judge, Brevard County, Florida
William James Haddad, Judge of the Circuit Court, Cook County, Illinois
Ernest S. Hayeck, Trial Court Judge, Massachusetts

Janice M. Holder, State Supreme Court Justice-Tennessee

Sheila Isaac, Judge, Kentucky
Morphis A. Jamiel, Probate Judge, Town of Warren
Moses Kando, Judge, Workers Compensation Commission

Philip A. Kazen, Jr., Judge, 227th District Court, Bexar County 
Paul Kfoury, Judge, New Hampshire

Alvin G. Khoury, Judge, Texas
Thomas Malik, Judge, Louisiana
Anthony Mansour, Circuit Court Judge, Michigan
Martin Mansur, District Court Judge, Minnesota
Frederick M. Marshall, Supreme Court Judge, New York
Alfred Monsour, District Judge, Louisiana
Alfred Morad, Judge, Southeast Wayne County
John L. Murad, Justice, New York State Supreme Court
Robert A. Nader, Judge, 11th District, Court of Appeals, Ohio
Joseph Nahra, Judge, Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals
Charles Najjar, Judge, Birmingham, AL
Woodrow Nasser, Judge, Terre Haute Superior Court
Kenneth P. Nasif, Justice, Attleboro District Court / Bristol County Juvenile Court (Massachusetts)
George Nazarian, Probate Judge, City of Pawtucket
Joseph G. Owen, Supreme Court Justice, 9th Judicial Circuit, New York
James J. Rashid, Judge, Michigan
Deeb G. Sarkas, Judge, Administrative Adjudication Division, Probate Judge, City of Central Falls
Anthony F. Shaheen, Justice, New York State Supreme Court, Oneida County
William Shaheen, Judge, Durham District Court (New Hampshire)
George Shahood, Judge, Florida
Mitchell Shaker, Judge, Trumbell County, Ohio
M. John Shamo, Recorder's Court Judge
Saffiya Shillo, Election Judge, Illinois
Joseph J. Solomon, Municipal Court Judge, City of Warwick
William G. Tajra, Probate Judge, City of Central Falls
Raymond A. Thomas, Probate Judge, Town of Bristol, Rhode Island
Richard Unis, Judge, Oregon Supreme Court
Antonio "Tony" Viviano, Judge, Macomb County Probate Court (1993-2002); Judge, 16th District Macomb County Circuit Court (2003-2010); Chief Judge, Macomb County Circuit Court (2005-2007)
David Viviano, Judge, 16th District Macomb County Circuit Court (2006-2013); Chief Judge, Macomb County Circuit Court (2011-2013)
Ernest George Williams, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge
Thomas Yezbak, Judge, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Paul Zakaib, Jr., Circuit Court Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit

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