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By Taif Jany

2012 Summer Intern

Fay Beydoun, the executive director of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, is a personification of the Arab American success story. She has dedicated her time and passion to serve and build new business communities, while helping other organizations to prosper and succeed.

Ms. Beydoun grew up in Dearborn, Michigan with a Lebanese immigrant family that worked tirelessly to achieve success. A graduate from Easter Michigan University, Ms. Beydoun is a strong believer in the importance of being active and engaging in the political process, and the need to mobilize the Arab American community. She also said that AAI President Dr. Jim Zogby influenced her interest in politics and the Arab American political engagement.

Ms. Beydoun led the Michigan office of the Arab American Institute as its executive director from 2002-2004. During this period, she developed new policy initiatives to protect the civil rights of Arab Americans, enhance US-Arab relations, and help the American public realize the importance of Arab Americans and their contribution to American society.

Ms. Beydoun’s drive to improve the relationship between the United States and the Middle East encouraged her to become the vice president of the US-Arab Economic Forum in 2004. The Forum is an organization that works on encouraging economic collaboration, and enhancing cultural dialogue between the United States and the Middle East.

In 2008, Ms. Beydoun joined the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, and ever since, she has worked continuously to reach out to different organizations that can facilitate the growth of Arab American businesses in Michigan, and the country as a whole.

Ms. Beydoun is a strong believer in strengthening Arab American entrepreneurs, particularly women, and strives to provide them with the information they need to succeed.  When asked if she has a message to Arab Americans who are not that interested in political involvement, she said “I think it is very important for all ethnicities, especially for Arab Americans, to give their votes, donate to political candidates, and send letters and engage more with their Congressmen. They have many issues that need to be addressed and one of the ways to do so is by being politically involved.” She also continued to advize Arab Americans running for political positions and delegates to “run for higher positions all the way up to Congressmen and governors because it is very important to show their capabilities to run such positions.”

Ms. Beydoun also explained that the American Arab Chamber of Commerce is currently working on several projects that are aiming to empower the Arab American business community. She indicated that the Chamber is working on developing a center that will function as a bridge to connect different companies in the United States and the Middle East. She also noted that the Chamber is having its twentieth “Building Economic Bridges” banquet on October 26th, 2012. The Banquet “attracts more than 1200 guests from across the United States and the Middle East and it is great opportunity for companies to advertise for their products.” The Chamber is also working on developing and increasing trade relations between Michigan and Canada. 

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