Posted by on January 28, 2011 in Blog

Today marks the fourth day of mass anti-government protests in Egypt, leading to widespread clashes with riot police across the country. The Egyptian government, anticipating today’s activities, cut off access to the internet and disabled SMS capabilities in cell phone networks in large parts of the country, seeking to undermine the ability of protesters to organize. Despite such measures, today marks the largest turnout for such demonstrations, with estimates as high as 150,000 people. 

In reaction to today’s developments, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the Egyptian government to restrain its forces from using violence and to restore communications in Egypt, saying “We urge the Egyptian authorities to allow peaceful protests and to reverse the unprecedented steps it has taken to cut off communications.” She further noted that that the United States wants to “partner with the Egyptian people” to bring about real reforms. This comes shortly after President Obama’s remarks yesterday, where after emphasizing what an important ally Egypt has been, he went on to say that he had long pressed President Mubarak on the critical importance of political and economic reforms for the long term wellbeing of Egypt.

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