Posted by Joan Hanna on August 24, 2016 in Blog

unnamed.jpgOn Monday evening, the Palestinian American Congress hosted a special dinner in Clifton, New Jersey with AAI President Jim Zogby, and Dr. Basel Ghattas. Dr. Ghattas is a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset as a member of Balad party, which is part of the Joint List alliance. They both spoke to a packed room of community leaders and activists about issues important to the Arab American community

Jim spoke about the upcoming election and the importance of Arab American civic engagement. He commented on the need for more Arab Americans to participate in all levels of the electoral system. From registering to vote, to mobilizing by heading to the polls with family and friends, to running for office, civic engagement moves us forward as a community by emphasizing we have an important voice. Dr. Ghattas, who participated in last year’s Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, gave his take on the current political situation on the ground in the Middle East. In particular, he discussed what democracy means in Israel and about Palestinian human rights. Dr. Ghattas plans to continue raising these issues in Washington this week before he heads back to Jerusalem.