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There’s an interesting article in Le Monde Diplomatique about the Syrian uprising, its complications, and its regional effects.

You may not agree with everything in the piece (I certainly didn’t), but I think it does quite a good job of explaining a number of key elements that are all-too-often overlooked:

  1. Syria’s fall from grace as a “champion of the resistance” to the same shattered legitimacy enjoyed by its neighbors.
  2. The continuing infighting, division, and hostility within the Syrian opposition, particularly on the question of international intervention.
  3. The very high costs of a Libya-style military intervention, and the equally high costs of total inaction.
  4. The extent to which US-led wars (in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya), and Israeli wars (in Lebanon and Palestine) have contributed to overall instability, militarization, and an increase in militias that have all contributed to the Syrian stalemate.

But in addition to this analysis, the article also briefly considers the light at the end of the tunnel, and the hope that all the violence and mayhem may one day lead to something better.

Read the full article here.

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