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By Vieshnavi Rattehalli

2012 Fall Intern

The second annual DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival (DC-PFAF) begins tonight, Monday, September 24, 2012 and will run until Saturday, September 29th at various locations in the DC metropolitan area. This year’s festival includes both full feature-length films and shorts from several genres including comedies, dramas and documentaries. Several of the films will be followed by panel discussions with the filmmakers (directors or actors) and other events include live music performances, poetry, and visual arts exhibits.

This year’s line-up includes the DC premiere of Yahya Alabdullah’s The Last Friday (2011) at Landmark E Street Cinema and a showing of Man Without A Cellphone (2010) at George Mason University tonight. Other films in the line-up include: Uncle Nashaat (2011), the premiere of Season 2 of the series “Middle Eastern Family” by Yousef Erakat of Fouseytube, and the short documentaries Nukayba (2010), Gaza: Tunnels to Nowhere (2012) and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) shorts. Friday’s Palestinian Innovators night at the Busboys and Poets Café/Lounge on 14th St NW will feature the “Love Under Apartheid” project founder and coordinator Tanya Keilani, sketch comedy videos by Mousa Kraish, and a performance by Huda Asfour, accompanied by Nehad Khader on vocals and percussion and Derek Bond on bass.

DC-PFAF is a project run by a group of volunteers in Washington, D.C. aiming to foster community closeness through exposure to art and culture and serves as a tribute to the inspiring work of young Palestinians around the world. In the words of DC-PFAF, “The stories told in this festival are not necessarily about the Palestinian/Israel conflict, nor are they necessarily stories about Palestinians, but they are stories that reflect the dynamic formation of a transnational identity common to Palestinians and diasporic communities more generally.”

This incredible festival is made possible because of the support and donations of generous institutions and individuals, as well as the co-sponsors: The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development, The Middle East Studies Program at George Mason University, and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University. Fundraising is ongoing, and DC-PFAF 2012 has raised $10,901 of the total $14,280 budget to date. If you can and would like to support the project, all donations are welcome here.

Tickets are available online here, with options for a festival pass or single event tickets. The full DC-PFAF program with descriptions and locations of the events is available here.

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