Posted by on August 29, 2012 in Blog

At AAI, we’ve periodically tried to highlight the exploits of some of the Arab American heroes we’ve come across, but next month will be the start of something quite different: the first Arab American superhero.

On September 5, DC Comics will release Green Lantern #0 introducing Baz, the new Green Lantern and the first major Arab American comic book superhero.

Geoff Johns, an Arab American and the Chief Creative Office for DC Comics, will be in charge of writing the series. Johns will also be attending a book-signing event for the comic in Dearborn, Michigan on September 7, and attending two events at the Arab American National Museum the following day.

The addition of an Arab American superhero is the latest development in the increasing diversification of comic book heroes, a genre once dominated almost entirely by straight white males.

This year also witnessed the first queer Green Lantern in a parallel series that takes place in an alternate universe.

If you’re interested in attending the book signing or the presentation at the Arab American National Museum, you can find more information about both events here.

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