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Daniel Levy, director of the Middle East Task Force at the New America Foundation, wrote a great piece in Foreign Policy magazine last week in which he concluded that "American policy on Israel-Palestine is now being driven almost exclusively by a desire to prevent any possible U.N. vote" on Palestinian statehood this fall.

Levy ably debunks the countless myths – many put forward by U.S. administration officials – currently surrounding the U.N. vote, and explains both the importance of the vote and the reasons for American and European opposition to it.

According to Levy, American intransigence is primarily rooted in “the domestic politics on this issue,” where even sympathetic policymakers feel compelled to stand against the statehood vote or risk attack by pro-Israel groups.

The article goes on to explain why, despite broad agreement within the Quartet against the U.N. vote, the group failed to produce a common statement last week. Levy lambasts the “American sophistry” that has led the U.S. down such a counter-productive, hypocritical, and dangerous path.

Read the full article at Foreign Policy.


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