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Friday April 15, 2011

ACLU Map Highlights Mosque Opposition Across the U.S.

Posted by Omar Baddar at 12:21 pm

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has published a map online (pictured below) which highlights regions and states in the U.S. where both planned or existing mosques and Islamic centers have met opposition in one form or another. The red dots on the map are more than plenty and shed light on a disturbing trend which has taken root across the country since the Park 51 controversy in Lower Manhattan. Anti-Muslim bigotry is increasing and is further perpetuated not only by efforts from fringe political groups, but sometimes by members of Congress as well. In a report we put together in November, we highlighted what Congressional members said about Park 51. If you are familiar with a local community that has encountered difficulty and is not included in the map below, please let us know.















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