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Friday November 08, 2013

2013 Elections Yield Substantial Political Gains for Arab American Community

By Dena Elian
Fall Intern, 2013

The highly anticipated elections that took place on Tuesday will go down in Arab American history and the large number of Arab Americans on the ballot across the country was a palpable indicator of the continuing political progress being made by the Arab American community to seek and hold new and higher offices. In Michigan, Susan Dabaja became the first Arab American to be elected as Dearborn City Council President. Dabaja is the third candidate ever to win the Council presidency without having previously served on the Council. Read More »

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Monday November 04, 2013

Arab Americans Get Ready for November 2013 Elections

This week presents an important opportunity for the Arab American community to have a significant impact on local elections. In many states, high concentrations of Arab Americans can have increased influence on local races, and that should encourage community members to believe they can make a difference in their districts, cities, and states. Below is a list of voting information for tomorrow’s elections in Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Read More »

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Wednesday September 25, 2013

And They’re Off! Upcoming Elections in Five Key States

Since there seems to be election-related news in virtually every one of our key states, we thought we’d get it to you all in one go. You’d think the focus would be on 2013, but in fact, there’s a lot of “candidate movement” around 2014, too, so we’ve broken it down by year. Read More »

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Tuesday September 24, 2013

Yalla Vote Launches Voter Registration Widget

Today, on National Voter Registration Day, AAI and the Yalla Vote campaign launched a new voter registration widget powered by Rock the Vote. The widget is designed to make registering to vote easier than ever for our community. Most everything is done online. Simply enter your information into the secure online form and the widget will pull up all the appropriate forms for you to complete that are required by your state’s Board of Elections. Once you have completed everything, the widget will send you an email with a generated form you can print, fold, and send in to your state’s Board of Elections - the appropriate address will be included in the email. From start to finish, the whole process takes five minutes. It’s that simple.  Read More »

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Thursday August 29, 2013

“We have not yet finished.”

Addressing Saturday’s 50th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) said "I thought we had completed the fight for the right to vote, the right to participate in the democratic process. I thought we were in a process of reforming the justice system. But when I see something like what the Supreme Court did… it tells me over and over again that we're not there yet. We have not finished." Read More »

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Monday August 12, 2013

Yalla Vote Goes to New York, Michigan, and New Jersey

By Tess Waggoner and Omar Tewfik
Yalla Vote is in full swing, and Arab Americans are already getting ready to make a bigger impact in local races this year and in the 2014 federal elections next year. Over the past week, AAI staff has been on the ground in three states, New York, Michigan, and New Jersey, hosting Yalla Vote registration drives, educating members of the community on voting, meeting with Arab American candidates and coordinating with community leaders. The Yalla Vote August initiative will continue to focus on bringing about increased attention to local elections in 2013 – elections where Arab Americans can have a significant impact on the outcome of races. Our hope is to keep building up momentum into the 2014 midterm elections. Read More »

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Monday August 12, 2013

It’s August Recess: Take Action Now

Last Friday, Congress broke for their month-long August recess. Over the next three weeks your Representative and your Senators will be home, likely holding a series of town hall events and meeting with constituents. We strongly encourage you, if you have not done so already, to reach out to your members of Congress to schedule a meeting on two legislative priorities: Immigration reform and bills in the House and Senate that would grant visa waivers to IsraelRead More »

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Tuesday June 18, 2013

What Monday’s Supreme Court Decision Means

On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a key decision on voting rights. By a 7-2 margin, the Court said that Arizona cannot require new voters to present proof of citizenship before being added to the voting rolls. In its decision, the Court held that the Arizona requirement was “inconsistent with” the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which requires that states accept and use the federal form. The federal form allows applicants to mail in their registration forms, simply swearing that they are U.S. citizens eligible to vote. Read More »

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Monday May 20, 2013

Virginia Voter Registration Deadline: May 21st

Tomorrow, May 21, is the last day to register to vote, change your party affiliation, or update your voting address for the upcoming primary election on June 11. As an Arab American, it’s important to make your voice heard at this year’s primary elections, but you have to be registered to vote. If you’re not sure whether you’re registered, you can check the status of your voter registration here. Read More »

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Monday May 20, 2013

Get Out and Vote: PA Primary Election Tomorrow

Pennsylvania municipal primary elections will be held tomorrow, May 21st, and it is important that you take the time to vote. Polling locations will be open from 7:00am to 8:00pm (please note that polling places tend to be less busy mid-morning and mid-afternoon). Read More »

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Monday January 07, 2013

Johnny Khamis Sworn in as San Jose City Council Member

Arab Americans aren’t the only ones celebrating the appointment of Johnny Khamis as the first-ever Arab American City Council member representing the 10th district of the city of San Jose, California. Khamis’s swearing-in ceremony, which was led yesterday by San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, received prominent attention from the local San Jose news site, which lauded the newly-elected Republican for, among other things, helping San Jose to reach yet “another milestone in the growing diversity of the Bay Area's largest city.”  Read More »

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Thursday November 15, 2012

Amir Omar Racking up Endorsements in Richardson Mayoral Bid

Former City Council Member Amir Omar is racking up endorsements in his bid for Mayor of Richardson, Texas. In a recent vote, the city’s electorate moved to change the previous system of selecting a Mayor by way of the City Council. The city will now directly elect its leader by popular vote. Although he was aware that the move would eliminate his seat on the City Council, Omar was a strong proponent for the switch, saying in an email to supporters that “this is a positive change for our City. Read More »

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Thursday November 08, 2012

Update: Khamis (CA) and Mosallam (MI) win their races

In California, Johnny Khamis narrowly won a seat on the San Jose City Council over Robert Braunstein. The Michigan State University Board of Trustees election was another close race, but on Wednesday afternoon the final results showed Arab American Brian Mosallam in second place, claiming a seat on the board. Read More »

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Thursday November 08, 2012

Obama Wins Ohio’s Lucas County

By Jennine Vari
As the remaining ballots are counted, we examine the numbers from one of the most contested swing states, which also has one of the largest Arab American populations in the country.  Read More »

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Wednesday November 07, 2012

Ethnic Vote Played Essential Role in Obama’s Virginia Victory

Ahead of yesterday’s election, conventional wisdom and historical precedent dictated that whoever won Loudoun County in Virginia, would almost certainly win the rest of the state. Before the results came in, Loudoun County was the biggest swing county in Virginia, and both campaigns fought it out for a win there.  Read More »

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Wednesday November 07, 2012

Islamophobia Rebuked at the Polls

American voters delivered a strong rebuke to Islamophobia and fear-mongering in last night’s election, with the defeat of several of the country’s most notoriously Islamophobic candidates. This cycle saw tough election battles for several members of the “hate caucus.” Read More »

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Wednesday November 07, 2012

Arab American Candidate Results

AAI is committed to updating you on the results and progress of Arab American candidates running for office and reelection across the country. Read More »

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Tuesday November 06, 2012

Arab American Candidate Update

This Election Day will decide the fate of four Arab American members of Congress who have weathered tough races this cycle. A fifth Arab American member, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), is running in a safe district and has not needed to campaign. Here are the latest updates on the races in which Arab American candidates are fighting close battles to represent their districts. Read More »

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Tuesday November 06, 2012

Responding to the Voices of Disempowerment

Recently, there has been an increase in voices, allegedly Arab American ones, arguing that the Arab American community is irrelevant in national politics and should sit out the presidential election. The two main arguments being made are that (a) presidential elections don’t matter altogether and (b) that Arab Americans are too small & spread-out to make a difference. Read More »

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Tuesday November 06, 2012

Election 2012: One Community, Two Different Perspectives

Arab Americans are represented across the entire political spectrum, identifying as Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and members of the Green Party. This election Arab Americans, like the rest of the country, will help decide the outcome of this hard-fought presidential battle between a Republican Governor Mitt Romney and Democrat President Barack Obama. Read More »

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