The Danger Posed by Domestic Hate Groups Must be Addressed Now

Posted by Eddie Bejarano on July 01, 2015

Following the tragic shooting carried out by Dylann Roof at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, it is evident that domestic terrorism is a serious threat to our nation. Congress has erred in focusing exclusively on the threat posed by foreign extremists organization like ISIL, specifically ISIL’s ability to recruit and radicalize US citizens. While addressing the threat posed by ISIL is necessary, it is prudent for members of Congress to devote the necessary amount of attention and resources to addressing the danger posed by domestic hate groups.

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Women and Education in the Middle East

Posted by Neveen Hammad on July 01, 2015
The panel featured international development advisor, Nadereh Chamlou; author, feminist, and former co-chair of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative, May Rihani; Vice President of Education for Employment, Taleb Salhab; and senior correspondent of Al-Arabiya TV, Nadia Bilbassy. The collective message from the panelists was that education for women is key, and a lack of progress has been a huge impediment to Middle Eastern societies and economies within the post-revolutionary paradigm. Opening the discussion, Bilbassy said that social progress she and many others strive for will take immense effort and time, “It might take us a generation – and I’m not being pessimistic here – to go where we want this go to.” Radical Islamist groups such as ISIL and the Muslim Brotherhood not only exclude women from government and social affairs, but they also coerce them into staying at home. In Egypt, for example, a law was passed that prohibited girls under eighteen from getting married. When the Muslim Brotherhood took power, however, they repealed this law. The panel argued that this reversal combined with women’s social isolation lead to deterioration in women’s health (due to limited medical access), as well as stunted educational, economic, and social advancements.
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Israel's Dwindling Democracy

Posted by David Curtis on June 30, 2015
Forget the continued construction of illegal settlements, and forget Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and its blockade of Gaza. Forget all of this, for now. But what of the rights and status of Palestinians who live within Israel itself; the “Arab Israelis?” For many Americans, the recent revelation that Israel had been planning to segregate the Israeli bus system – separating Jewish and Arab citizens – brought to mind visions of our own country’s dark history. The proposal was frankly outrageous, and seemed to many like it could have come out of 1950s Alabama.
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Saving the Interpreters Who Were Left Behind

Posted by Sabrin Qadi on June 30, 2015
Matt Zeller, founder of the non-profit organization, No One Left Behind, has dedicated the next decade of his life to bringing every interpreter who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and their family, to the United States. Zeller was a service member in Afghanistan, a wounded combat veteran who did a one time tour. His zealous advocacy in support of Iraqi and Afghan interpreters comes from the fact that his Afghan interpreter, Janis Shinwari, came to his aid during a nearly fatal ambush.
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Together We Came: #IAmArabAmerican

Posted by Arab American Institute on June 30, 2015

All month we've featured the incredible contributions many famous Arab American immigrants have made to our great country. But you don't have to be famous to make a difference.  The Arab American Institute inaugurated the #IAmArabAmerican program last summer to highlight the lives and experiences of Arab Americans across the country. We are proud of our community and hope you will enjoy reading about Arab Americans from all walks of life. Click here to view our #IAmArabAmerican album on Facebook

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job? 


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Follow the Money

Posted by Hunter Headapohl on June 29, 2015
Since the ruling on Citizens United v. FEC in 2007, billions of dollars have begun to flow into the political process. Following the ruling, campaigns could be supported by Political Action Committees—colloquially known as super PACs—that can raise unlimited funds to support candidates. As a consequence, candidates have begun to change their behavior and campaign strategies to leverage super PAC funds as much as possible. The most recent and notable example of this is with the run up to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s announcement and his affiliated super PAC 'Right to Rise,' which raised over $100 million while Jeb himself had not formally announced a presidential campaign, despite all evidence pointing to his intention to do so.
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Together We Came: Champions of Change

Posted by Arab American Institute on June 26, 2015
On the occasions of Immigrant Heritage Month and World Refugee Day (June 20th), it seems fitting that President Obama should honor those extraordinary people who have fled their home countries, and endured to pursue successful lives in the United States. Mariela Shaker and Marwan Sweedan, refugees from Syria and Iraq, respectively, were recognized by the White House yesterday as “Champions of Change.” The White House describes these individuals as “ordinary Americans who are doing extraordinary things in their communities to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.”
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Together We Came: Hoda Kotb

Posted by Arab American Institute on June 25, 2015
Americans love nothing more than morning news shows, and Hoda Kotb is a star on one of the nation’s finest. Born to Egyptian parents, Kotb is a hero to many Americans, and not just because of the charming smile that greets us each morning. Hoda’s fearless battle with – and victory over – breast cancer has captivated people across the country.
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Hearing: U.S. Policy and Strategy in the Middle East

Posted by Annie-Marie Gergi on June 25, 2015
The hearing focused on U.S. strategy towards ISIL, and congressional repeatedly stated their concerns about the inefficiency of U.S. strategy. There seemed to be a shared understanding among all congressional members in attendance of the gravity of the situation facing both Iraq and Syria. Accordingly, the witnesses have recommended a complex strategy to confront ISIL and tackle the challenges facing the two-warn countries.
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White House Hosts Annual Iftar Highlighting Contributions of Young Arab & Muslim Americans

Posted by Yasmin Hussein on June 23, 2015
The White House held its annual Iftar in celebration of Ramadan yesterday, June 22nd with over 100 Muslim and Arab community leaders, Ambassadors, government officials, and young entrepreneurs in attendance. This year’s Iftar celebrated the contributions made by leaders in the Muslim American community. A select few were highlighted in President Barack Obama's welcoming remarks, where he shared stories of how the work of the Arab and Muslim community has had a tremendous impact. One particular young Arab American woman highlighted was Batoul Abuharb, who was featured in AAI’s #IAmArabAmerican series for the astounding work she does in Middle East's healthcare industry.
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