How absurd is U.S. policy on Gaza? It’s so absurd that the U.S. simultaneously supports Israel’s suffocation of Gaza that has created a humanitarian catastrophe, AND is upset because others aren’t doing more to alleviate this humanitarian catastrophe. We’re not joking! After the Trump administration slashed funding for UNRWA, our confused U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley unleashed an epic rant about Arab countries who are “generous with their words”, but who aren’t doing enough to help Palestinians. She said it was time for “regional states in particular to step up” their humanitarian aid for the Palestinians. But many Arab states are giving sizable contributions on that front. Sure, an argument could be made that some should give more, or that political opposition to Israel’s policies ought to be even stronger, but it takes a lot of audacity for an administration that supports siege and occupation to be lecturing others about stepping up to alleviate the consequences of these policies. It’s like an arsonist who gets mad at the fire department for not putting out her fires more aggressively.

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