Education top summary

Posted on June 04, 2013

The AAI Foundation is committed to providing educational resources about the Arab and Muslim worlds and the Arab American experience. While many universities in the U.S. and abroad offer Middle East and Islamic Studies programs, some in the U.S. are beginning to provide Arab American Studies, as well. Below you will find links to many of these programs, as well as to resources published by the Arab American Institute that help define the Arab American experience—from the first waves of immigrants from Syria and Lebanon in the 1880s to the contributions of leaders like John...

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Culture top summary

Posted on June 04, 2013

The Arab world has a rich cultural history, and boasts some of the most beautiful literature and visual arts in the world. From the intricate marble and tile work at the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca to the maqama of Al-Hamadhani; and even ceramics and paintings commissioned and reproduced throughout Renaissance Europe, a wealth of treasures remain in the worlds museums and libraries that speak to the tremendous talents, innovations, and artistry of the Arab world.

Contemporary artists—Arab, Muslim, and Arab American—draw on those traditions to create new works in every field. The AAI...

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Looking At Iran

Posted on May 20, 2013

When American policy makers discuss Iran, the focus is on Israel, as if that were the only issue to consider. In reality, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not only a concern for Americans and Israelis. It is also a growing concern for people across the Arab and Muslim Worlds.

In "Looking at Iran: The Rise and Fall of Iran in Public Opinion," James Zogby examines how in just six years Iran has experienced a precipitous decline in popularity among Arabs and Muslims. Based on brand new polling in 20 Arab...

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Posted on May 20, 2013
AAI offers internships in Washington, DC for Arab Americans, college students, recent graduates, and graduate students interested in public affairs, advocacy, and ethnic politics. The program is part of the Arab American Institute Foundation (AAIF)'s commitment to youth leadership, along with scholarships and awards for public and community service.
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Meet Our 2013 Summer Interns

Posted on May 20, 2013

Every summer, AAI selects a small group of interns from an applicant pool of almost 200 undergraduates and recent graduates. Chosen interns are deeply involved in their communities, highly successful in their studies, often speak multiple languages, and demonstrate hard work and enthusiasm in all aspects of their lives. Interns are selected to represent AAI at a variety of organizations in Washington, DC and abroad, ranging from advocacy groups and political parties to members of Congress and government agencies.

We are looking forward to working with our Summer 2013 interns, selected from a...

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Posted on May 01, 2013

The Arab American Institute supports the development of specific policies that would impose reasonable limitations on the use of drones by U.S., state, or local officials in the international and domestic arenas. We support the development and implementation of oversight measures that would ensure that any use of drones by U.S. governments, agencies, businesses, or citizens, would comply with international law and would safeguard Americans’ civil liberties.

International Use

The United States has at least 8,000 drones, unmanned planes and helicopters flown by remote control. In the international arena, the Bush and Obama Administrations have relied...

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2013 Kahlil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Awards Gala

Posted on April 24, 2013

On April 16, the Arab American Institute Foundation hosted members of Congress and the Administration, the Arab diplomatic corps, business leaders, media luminaries, academics and activists at its 15th annual Kahlil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Awards.

The evening opened with former Michigan Congressman David Bonior presenting the Najeeb Halaby Award for Public Service to Ralph Nader. A lifelong advocate for consumer, environmental, and voter protection, Nader has published 46 books and founded more than four dozen non-profits during his career in public advocacy. “He has been the force behind the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act,...

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Gibran Sponsors Test

Posted on April 03, 2013

Underwriters & Benefactors

Mr. and Mrs. A. Huda Farouki


  Consolidated Contractors Company Embassy of the State of Kuwait Embassy of the State of Qatar Nijad and Zeina Fares Morganti Group The George and Rhonda Salem Family...

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2013 Kahlil Gibran Awards Gala Honorary Congressional Committee

Posted on March 18, 2013

2013 Kahlil Gibran Awards Gala Honorary Congressional Committee 

As of March 25, 2013

Rep. Nick Rahall, II

Rep. Darrell Issa

Rep. Charles Boustany, Jr.

Rep. Richard L. Hanna

Rep. Justin Amash


Sen. Michael F. Bennet

Sen. Bruce Braley

Sen. Thad Cochran

Sen. Susan Collins

Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Sen. Chuck Grassley

Sen. Patrick Leahy

Sen. Carl Levin

Sen. Jeffery A. Merkley

Majority Leader Harry Reid

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

Sen. Charles Schumer

Sen. Mark R. Warner

Sen. Roger F. Wicker

House of Representatives:

Rep. Karen Bass

Rep. Timothy H. Bishop

Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Rep. Corrine...

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2012 Arab American Service Day

Posted on March 13, 2013

On Saturday, May 19th, more than 20 Arab American organizations across the country took part in the 8th annual National Arab American Service Day. Organized each year by the National Network of Arab American Communities (NNAAC), National Arab American Service Day brings together Arab Americans for a day of giving back to their communities and building bridges with local charities and organizations.

The Arab American Institute partnered with NAAP - DC, AMIN, the ADC - DC Chapter, and ATFL: Project Cedar to organize four volunteer opportunities in Washington, DC. Nearly 40 Arab American volunteers served...

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