Posted by on June 28, 2012 in Blog

The Arab Young Organization, a project of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, has produced entitled “TURATH: Teaching, Understanding, and Representing Arabs Throughout History.” It aims to uncover the representation of Arab identity, culture, and history in high school curricula, using survey findings, and on the ground research.

It also includes findings on anti-Arab racism in the school system, and the extent to which Arab American students themselves feel marginalized or “irrelevant” based on the narrative they are given in their classrooms.

Beyond the reporting aspect, TURATH also includes some great recommendations for changes at the local level that could have a powerful impact on fixing these problems, dispelling stereotypes, and countering pervasive anti-Arab racism.

To request an electronic or printed copy of the report, please email You can also find out more about the Arab Youth Organization on their website.

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