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AAI President Jim Zogby and Executive Director Maya Berry along with a number of Arab American leaders participated in the “Tunisia Partnerships Forum" earlier this week at the U.S. Department of State. Jim and Maya joined diaspora leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and business people from across the U.S. and Tunisia to discuss efforts to promote democracy and economic development in Tunisia.

“American businesses, especially Arab American-owned businesses, are in a unique position to help Tunisians fully realize their democratic and economic aspirations,” said Jim. “Now is the time to form the partnerships between our two countries that will form the foundation for long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships.”

Additionally AAI and the American Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) have partnered with the Department of State to host a special breakout session of the Tunisia Partnerships Forum at the White House. Following up on several meetings the AACC and AAI convened at the White House earlier this year, the Arab American Business Partnership Initiative’s Donor Coordination Summit hosted Arab American Diaspora leaders as well as representatives from international foundations and NGOs in a roundtable discussion about how they can augment U.S. foreign policy and bring to bear investment and development in the Middle East and North Africa region.

“Helping to build a vibrant economy and civil society in Tunisia will also help Americans in the long run,” said Maya. “If we can support institutions in this young democracy, we will have a strong trading partner and ally in a region of critical importance for years to come.”

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