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Despite a disappointing loss in his bid to become Mayor, former Richardson, Texas City Council member Republican Amir Omar said he “would not change a thing” about his campaign, and vowed to stay involved in community service. In an email to supporters over the weekend, Omar wrote, “I sincerely want what is best for our City and you can count on me staying very involved by giving back to our community.” And you can bet that he will. Since we started following Omar’s career in public service, it is has been abundantly clear that he has a strong and unwavering commitment to grassroots participation and widespread community outreach, a reality reflected in the many community endorsements he received during his campaign. 

Perhaps no better indication of Omar’s steadfast support of grassroots and participatory political involvement was his support for an amendment to the Richardson City Charter, which allowed - for the first time in  nearly 60 years - for Richardson residents to directly elect their mayor. Since 1956 (when the charter was implemented) Richardson’s seven-seat City Council has been responsible for electing the city’s mayor. The amendment, adopted by a two-thirds popular vote in November of 2012 made that possible by removing the 7th City Council seat (occupied by Amir Omar) to make way for the incoming Mayor.

Knowing full well that his seat would be eliminated by the amendment, Omar was an outspoken proponent of measure. Before the vote on the amendment, Omar told the The Dallas Morning News, “if the outcome of all of this is that my position gets eliminated but we have a more democratic process for electing the mayor, that’s worth it.” His opponent during the race, and now Mayor-elect Laura Maczka, ironically was not in favor of voting for the amendment. Rather, Maczka emphasized the need for a broader review of the City’s Charter.

When the results of the race came in on May 11th, Omar’s attitude and outlook remained the same as it was before the amendment passed. Viewing his own political ambitions as a necessary sacrifice to perpetuate the democratic process, Omar was content with the outcome of the race and said that this “was a political sacrifice I would be willing to make over and over again,” he said in the email to supporters this weekend. “The people have spoken, and we must all respect that.” Though he will not be in City Hall next year, we are sure that we will hear more about the great work Amir Omar is doing to serve the people of Richardson.





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