For the past few weeks, many American Muslims across the country have been gearing up for the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a time for Muslims around the world to give back to their communities, provide charity, and self-reflect.  It is no secret that during these hot and long summer days, fasting is not an easy task. The Economist released a chart detailing the length of fasting times in Muslim majority countries and selection of other countries in the World. With days ranging from a nearly 15 hour fast time in the U.S. to almost 19 hours for Muslims in Sweden this may be the most challenging month of Ramadan for many. Despite the lengthy days, there are many amazing stories of American Muslims creating positive change in their community. One group, Green Ramadan, calls on observers to be more mindful of their waste production, use better judgement purchasing wasteful products, and to do their best to recycle. The group tries to approach a different environmental cause to focus on each Ramadan. In its third year, the focus is to get mosques and community members who host private iftars to eliminate the use of Styrofoam. Last year, they focused on reusable iftar kits to avoid the purchase of plastic plates and utensils. 

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