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Tonight I had the honor to deliver an address to the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire. It was the inauguration of a four part series entitled "Primary Concerns: Critical Foreign Policy Issues at the 2012 Ballot Box" - an effort to prepare the state's voters on the issues the candidates should be raising (but probably won't) when they come through campaigning for the 2012 primary election. Pleased that the Arab World came first!

It was a full auditorium. The questions were great and we sold lots of copies of "Arab Voices". Folks here are getting ready to challenge the candidates and are already smarter than most of the crowd that's running. 

Reading what the GOP candidates are saying about the Middle East is deeply troubling. How, I wonder, can they ignore the disastrous mess created by Bush; how can they call for more of the same; and how can they not see that standing in the way of Israeli-Palestinian peace and mouthing Islamophobic clap-trap here at home will only make a bad situation worse?

The folks I spoke to tonight get their first chance to confront a GOP candidate on Monday when they will meet with John Huntsman. I'm confident that they'll ask good, smart questions. It's so important that they do, because folks in New Hampshire and Iowa are our interlocutors. They are able to meet and take the measure of those who run. 

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