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My Matt Haugen

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Congressman John Dingell celebrated his 20,997th day as a member of Congress  last week, a milestone that makes his tenure the longest in the history of the legislature. The octogenarian has represented Michigan’s 15th district for over 57 years, and his district includes the largest Arab American community in the United States: Dearborn. Dingell has been a longtime advocate for issues important to Arab Americans. Indeed, the Arab American Leadership Council asserts: “Rep. Dingell has been among the most effective members of Congress in advancing [Arab Americans’] interests in Washington.” Dingell continues to support comprehensive immigration reform; he voted for the DREAM Act, and is a passionate advocate for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He has provided constant leadership within the House on issues of discrimination, supporting efforts to protect Arab Americans under hate crime legislation.

Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer issued a press release to celebrate Dingell’s milestone in which he called Dingell “…an institution in the House of Representatives…” Hoyer also lauded his “…unfaltering connection with the people he represents.”

This week, AAI posted the following praise of Dingell’s long-time engagement with the community on its Face Book page:

“…we’d like to congratulate Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) on becoming the longest-serving member of Congress. For years Congressman Dingell has been an incredible friend of the Arab American community, promoting inclusion, participation, and engagement. We thank him for his continued service to our community and to the country.”

Dingell’s commitment to and engagement with the Arab American community have made him a hero in his home district and a friend of Arab Americans nationwide. If you’re in town for the ADC national convention, look for Rep. Dingell at Thursday night’s dinner.

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