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By Johara Hall

It’s that time of the year again! The American Arab Chamber of Commerce is hosting the 2012 17th Annual Dearborn Arab International Festival, this weekend, June 18-20 where people from across the country and the Middle East come to join in cultural celebration in one of the largest free street festivals in the nation.

Activities include carnival rides, henna designs, crafts and jewelry, and more. Of course, no Arab festival is complete without Middle Eastern food, live music, performances, and dance.

The festival takes place Friday: 5-10pm, Saturday: 11am-10pm, and Sunday: 11am-8pm, on Warren Avenue between Schaefer Road and Wyoming Street in Dearborn.

"It is the most vibrant time of the year," said American Arab Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Fay Beydoun. "Every year more and more people of all races and cultures are joining us in celebrating our rich heritage. It also adds an economic boost to the local economy."

Click here for more information regarding the 17th Annual Dearborn Arab International Festival.

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